Personal Trainer Advice: Breathing New Life Into An Old Goal

Personal Trainer Advice

Lets see if this relates to you…


You wake up in the morning to get started on your day. as your  brushing your teeth you glance over at the scale tucked away from reach and then you remember the 10/20/30+ pounds of body fat you have been wanting to lose since well… forever!


I can tell you my friends that this happens to a lot of us. And even though I am a personal trainer ,this too, has happened to me before as well. You want to lose the weight but you don’t know how or feel you just don’t have the time. Then the next thing you know another year goes by and you’ve only gained weight. Killing your motivation entirely.


But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be like this! Let me just say this truth to you first. You are a badass! You have the ability to create anything in life that you want IF your just willing to put in the work. And that’s where most people get hung up. You see, if your willing to just take that first step, to look past all your inadequacies and failures at reaching your goals in the past and see the truth… That your amazing and you can accomplish any goal you set for yourself the path becomes simple.

Yes you will have to put in the work, yes you will have to do things you don’t want to because simple DOESNT mean easy. But well take simple. Everything in life worth having shouldn’t come easy because its the challenge that adds value to the things we do. Its through the work that we become great, not the end result…


So fall in love with the process and you will achieve any goal you set for yourself whether it be weight loss, in business or in life. Set small goals and find joy in the process of reaching these short term goals. Don’t look at the end result because you will get discouraged. Look at the next milestone you need to reach. And fall in love with the process because I can tell you from personal experience thats what it really takes to achieve your fitness goal. The person who is in amazing shape got there not by hating the work and only waiting for the end result. They got there because they fell in love with the process (exercising).


So if you want to reach your fitness goals (or any goals for that matter). Fall in love with the process of becoming great.


Until next time,

– Chris


P.S. If you want to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible with guaranteed results then seek out a coach or mentor that has the knowledge and experience to achieve the goals that you want. So if your looking for a personal trainer to help you reach your goals than submit a free trial here on my website and see if were a good fit for each other.


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